Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sec Gen of UN calls tells African countries they must stop treating LGBT people as "second-class" citizens. UN LGBT AfricanUnion History
The world has changed faster than anyone could've imagined. Surely the Divine is with the oppressed and vulnerable. LGBTMuslims Revolution
There was a time not long ago where seeing 3 queer Muslims at Creating Change was powerful. At cc12 there were 20+. The Divine is with us.
Baltimore light rail wasn't prepared for 100+ queer folk & their baggage :-) cc12 packedtrainfullofqueers love the purple bags & name tags
I've cried more at this years cc12 than ever before! So many brilliant & powerful moments. Life will be diff from today. @TheTaskForce
Immigrant rights are LGBT rights and LGBT rights are immigrant rights!! - Ernesto
@TheTaskForce - Bravo for awarding a queer undocumented young person with amazing leadership award. Intersections progressive work! cc12
Gov of Maryland here to greet 3,000 queer activists!! Thank you for your support for justice and equality!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

@RaquelEvita talking ab reality facing many Muslim women living under Taliban - acid being thrown on face for not covering properly. cc12
Talking about Shariah, political Islam, extremism & causes = Saudi Wahabbism also social services LGBTMuslims cc12
We have to reach out to "them" if we want them 2 help (on LGBT concerns). Imam Daayiee Abdullah LGBTMuslims cc12
Need to be aware of language, experience, what we say when discussing Islam & LGBT concerns. Filter what you hear. "in my experience" vc12
I'm live tweeting Imam Daayiee's presentation on Islamophobia / Homophobia lgbtmuslims cc12
Fox is horrible on gay issues and gay media horrible on Muslim issues. We have to learn to filter media messages better. LGBTMuslims cc12
We have to find that median place... similarities to bind us... intersections to discuss issues of common concern. LGBTMuslims cc12
Imam Daayiee Abdullah came out at age 16 in 1970! Historic time for LGBT movement. He performs same-sex Muslim marriage cerem. LGBTMuslims
Carey Johnson, ED of @IGLHRC introducing queer activists from around the world. hr4ee cc12 @TheTaskForce
Carey Johnson, ED of @IGLHRC introducing queer activists from around the world. hr4ee cc12 @TheTaskForce
Join the conversation on twitter about human rights for everyone, everywhere. hr4ee @iglhrc cc12
HUD secretary Donovan addressing cc12 right now. Speaking about amazing Obama initiatives for LGBT people. lgbtrights @TheTaskForce
First sitting Presidential cabinet secretary HUD addressing largest LGBT conf right now. Historic cc12
Follow @TheTaskForce @IGLHRC for live updates from international plenary feat activists from Malaysia, Guyana and Uganda cc12 lgntmuslims
Stage cc12 3,000 queer activists & allies organizing and enclosing a world of love peace and justice lgbtmuslims
LOVE that @thetaskforce blasting Rihanna's We Found Love in a Hopeless Place before international plenary @iglhrc v appropriate :-) hr4ee
T minus 10 mins till International Plenary by @iglhrc cc12 follow live on twitter. Queer activists from Malaysia, Guyana and Uganda! hr4ee
Need allies to accompany and support Transgender Muslims to attending mosque and prayer. LGBTMuslim cc12 Rocking Creating Change.
Cultural Muslims, Religious Muslims, Atheist Muslims (yes we do exist!) ---> creating revolution, changing face of Islam LGBTMuslims cc12
Variations of gender identity by diff govts. Depends on gender reass surg, how society IDs person, cultural attitudes etc cc12 LGBTMuslims
Discussion about variations of gender segregation & how activists r challenging this trough pray in, creating gender rev LGBTMuslims cc12
How can we support and affirm Trans Muslims w/o reinforcing sexism, violence against women... LGBTMuslims cc12
Support for Transgender could be reinforcing sexism (perpetuating gender binary) - Ty Power cc12 LGBTMuslims
Two of many highlights from cc12: Meeting transgender activist from PT Triangle Malaysia and young gay Muslim man studying neuroscience. :)
Participants listen to Ty Power presenting on Transgender Muslims. LGBTMuslims cc12
Ty Power discussing challenges within mainstream Islam, especially Sunni Islam doesn't have a hierarchy. V arbitrary. lgbtmuslims cc12
Theological reasoning recognizes inner... vs outer. Trans understanding helps recognition of sexual orientation also. LGBTMuslims cc12
Transgender Muslims have already gained... acceptance for transitioning from both major sects of Islam - Ty Power LGBTMuslims cc12
Getting ready for Transgender Muslims: How Orthodox Islam Gets it Right (And Yet So Wrong); Ty Power; 10:45: Peale C; LGBTMuslims cc12
LGBTMuslims day at cc12 Transgender Muslims 10:45 Peale C; Islamophobia/Homophobia 3 pm Peale B; queer Muslim caucus 6:30 Mencken C u!!

Friday, January 27, 2012

If you think your queer friends exhaust you, imagine being surrounded by 3,000 of them?! Phew! Nap time! cc12 @TheTaskForce
@Rea_Carey @TheTaskForce US military incl LGBT soldiers have killed thousands of innocent people. Military NOT part of my queer revolution.
@Rea_Carey @TheTaskForce US military has destroyed lives of millions of people. Hundreds of thousands dead n Iraq Afghanistan. cc12
@Rea_Carey @TheTaskForce While I understand why military inclusion is imp 2 some, we must stand up against military ind complex. cc12
Follow Rea Carey's State of the LGBT Movement speech live now. cc12
@ReaCarey applauds Hillary Clinton's historic statement on LGBTRights cc12
New Beginning Initiative helped Obama admin issue guidelines to support LGBT refugees. @ReaCarey cc12
@ReaCarey talking about LGBT inclusive legislation including Violence Against Women Act and Health Equity. cc12 @TheTaskForce
"There is no 1 Islam... We are more connected than we realize... One humanity." LGBTMuslims cc12
LGBTMuslims - follow my updates at Queer Muslims creatin change at largest queer activist conf. cc12 @TheTaskForce
Jumaa Friday prayer about to begin at largest queer activist conf! We are the future of progressive Islam cc12 @raquelevita @thetaskforce
The Task Force:
Largest-ever Creating Change off to a rousing start! cc12 lgbt

Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Hatred is hatred is hatred." doesn't matter if you're black or gay. - NAACP President cc12
NAACP chapters across the country are working in solidarity with LGBT groups to fight for marriage equality and equal rights. cc12
Ben Jealous talking about his brother of choice who was transgender and his love for him from early in life. Standing up to bullying. cc12
"We (NAACP) will stand in Annapolis to support the gender identity equity bill" -Benjamin Jealous (NAACP President)
"Are YOU ready to occupy the revolution?" -Kate Clinton cc12
Love love love Mistress Kate Clinton!! cc12
When I see 19 and 20 yo young people talking about queer revolution, I know our hard work is worth all the years! cc12 @TheTaskForce
15 speaking gigs in Fall 2011; running into all the student activists is AMAZING!! Columbia Coll, James Madison, Williams in the house!#cc12
Powerful day of strategizing about future of queer Muslim movement today. We've come so far it's unbelievable sometimes. cc12 LGBTMuslims
1st day of Creating Change. Completely overwhelmed. Amazing folks everywhere. Can't go 5 feet w/o running into someone. cc13 @TheTaskForce
Love that @hiltonbaltimore is playing Arab music in the hallways. LGBTMuslims cc12
Can't sleep :- that's what happens when you put 3,000 queer people in one city :-) Big meeting tomorrow. Anxious.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Flight for cc12 in 3 hours. Guess I should start packing!! Or just take suitcase from last trip. Oh the life of an activist! :-)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

24 hours till I leave for cc12. Aaaah!! Laundry, packing, homework, life!! @TheTaskForce
Is it just me or have the GOP candidates held like 219 debates already?! How many candidates did they start with again? 52?! Ridonculous!!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

T-Minus 2 days till Creating Change! Yikes! Too much to do. cc12 @thetaskforce LGBTMuslims

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Newt Gingrich wins SC primary! Oh boy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

What's the world coming to when Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are paying tribute to MLK?!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Conservatives strategize on how to stop Romney. 150 evangelical leaders to meet on Friday.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rape and the Arab Spring; The Dark Side of the Popular Uprisings in the Middle East
Thousands LGBT rights advocates will convene to strategize and organize in critical election year. TheTaskForce e

Monday, January 09, 2012

RuPaul in New Hampshire: ‘This country was founded by a bunch of men wearing wigs’
Iraq : A country in shambles

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Pictures: Orthodox Christians who follow Julian calendar celebrate Christmas.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Christian ministers and Muslim leaders form a group to oppose NYPD surveillance of ethnic groups in NYC:
Powerful story, very gut wrenching. "Why Yes, I'm an Islamophobe." LGBTMuslims LGBT Pakistan Dignity4All
Pakistan's women get first abuse hotline
Pakistan's women get first abuse hotline

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Breaking News: Romney beats Santorum by 8 votes!! Iowa Caucus
As Israelis and Palestinians Talk, the Rise of a Political Islam Alters the Equation

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cross-dressing humor falls flat in 'Work It'

Monday, January 02, 2012

Molotov cocktails used to firebomb Shia mosque and 3 other Muslim establishments in Queens.