Thursday, June 30, 2011

Press Release: Progressive Muslims Gather in Berkeley, CA at Muslims for Progressive Values' 5th Annual Retreat



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Ani Zonneveld
Chair, Muslims for Progressive Values

Cell: 323-842-2869


Muslims for Progressive Values (MPV), a progressive Muslim organization dedicated to establishing and nurturing progressive Muslim communities across the United States, will hold its 5th Annual Retreat at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA from July 1-3, 2011. The event is being cosponsored by The Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry.

Founded in 2007, MPV is a non-profit community organization rooted in the Qur'anic ideal of social justice and working for the implementation of progressive values (human rights, separation of religious and state authorities, freedom of expression, LGBT rights, women's self-determination, etc.). MPV has chapters and affiliates in Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Ottawa (Canada).

The 5th Annual Retreat is expected to bring together 40+ community leaders, volunteers and progressive Muslims from across the United States.

The retreat will feature renowned gender rights scholars Dr. Amina Wadud and Dr. Ghazala Anwar.  

Dr. Amina Wadud, a feminist and human rights activist, made headlines in 2005 for leading a widely publicized mixed-gender Muslim prayer.  Dr. Wadud is the author of "Inside the Gender Jihad: Reform in Islam" and "Qur'an and Woman: Rereading the Sacred Text from a Women's Perspective."  

Dr. Ghazala Anwar is a scholar of Islamic jurisprudence and Sufism. Her research has explored issues of healing, gender and sexuality in Islam.  Dr. Anwar participates frequently in national and international forums on interfaith dialogue and other current issues relating to Islam. She currently teaches at the Starr King School.

"Progressive Muslims experience unique challenges. Many mosques are not supportive of our values. We often find ourselves spiritually homeless. At the same time, Islamophobia is on the rise and we are experiencing the brunt of a hostile political climate. MPV's annual retreat is a crucial component in strengthening the progressive Muslim movement and nurturing our growing community. Not only do we come together to reconnect as individuals, we engage in discourse regarding the many social justice issues impacting our daily lives. " said Sara Farooqi, Vice Chair of Muslims for Progressive Values and a coordinator of the retreat. 

In discussing MPV's work, Ani Zonneveld, co-founder and Chair of Muslims for Progressive Values says "MPV addresses two major concerns:  Countering radicalism within some elements of the Muslim community and pushing back against Islamophobia within our society."

Workshops and sessions at the retreat will include:

Progressive Muslim Education: The Difference in Action
LGBT 101 for Muslim Allies
Zikr (Islamic Meditation)
Khadijah: A Model Worthy of Emulation
Spiritual Development and Social Action

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Sara A. Farooqi
Muslims for Progressive Values
Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

"God enjoins justice, kindness, and generosity towards one's fellow humankind." - Quran 16:90

Faisal Alam

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

Faisal Alam

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Gandhi

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why Muslim States Must Support LGBT Rights -
Istanbul sees its ninth annual gay pride parade;
The march is the only one of its kind in a majority-Muslim country.
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Islamic reality TV show in Malaysia seeks best women preachers