Friday, September 25, 2015

Signing off

Signing off for the rest of mass. You can watch it on TV or live stream. Will post videos and photos tonight.

Jennifer Hudson!!


Concert ended. Waiting for Popes arrival at 6:15. Now they're showing a video about the Cardinals and who they are and what they're doing in NYC.

Harry and Some Cleavage

Harry Connick Jr with awkward cleavage in the background. Lol

Confessional "Booths"

No food or drink allowed!

#WTF! I had packed snacks and water. They want us to get overpriced arena food. Boo!

Underdressed for mass.

Everyone is wearing their Sunday best. And me. Not really.

Lots of white folks.... And me.

Majority of people in line are white. A smattering of African Americans. Lots of older folks. Some are grumpy; most patient. Lots of Italian being spoken. I'm the only South Asian in a 1 block radius. Lol

OMG I have to pee!

Police just announced everyone will get in.

But long slow screening process. I forgot DC folks stood in line for 4+ hours; I should've brought a chair!

Loooooong line to Madison Square Garden

Line to Madison Sq Garden runs more than 12 blocks! I'm down at 26th Street!