Monday, March 31, 2014

White House

That awkward moment when you're taking a photo of the White House and then realize, you're taking a photo of the wrong building! Worse, you're ON your way TO the White House. Yes, this happened. - Aug 2011 White House iftaar. Lol.(see album at

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Airport Diversity

I love airports. Its always when I'm in a rush that I see the "diversity" of our world in all its forms. Today's sightings included Pee-Wee Herman TSA officer Jo-Lo with black dyed hair TSA officer, ) 3 nuns (pics to follow), a garage band, 2 overtly gay teens traveling with their parents, Indian auntie looking perplexed, Rahm Emanuel look-a-like, Ms Cloisters (her name) dagger eyes gate agent, and Captain Patriotic (pilot with american flag + american eagle + clouds). #mylife #airports #diversity

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Christian Radio

I may or may not be listening to Christian pop radio. "I'm feeling loved;  I never left; from God's great dance floor!" Totally thought it was Coldplay or Maroon 5. #somewhereinindiana #indiana

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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Heaven is for real

This is awesome!  Cartoon is titled,  "Heaven is for real." #fredphelps

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Mason-Dixon Line, an artifical boundary

Now crossing the Mason-Dixson line, an artificial border that supposedly separates the "North" from the "South," the educated and refined vs the uneducated and unrefined. But the only difference is that racism, racial segregation, and income inequality are more visible and apparent in the South than the North. 

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Nuuculer Missiles and Farms

I'm not a conspiracy theorist,  but I'm convinced these so-called "farms," are actually underground bunkers for America's nuclear missiles. You're storing hay and corn for the winter in these siolos that just HAPPEN to look like missiles? Riiiigghhht! Who's with me here? #conspiracy #somewhereinpennsylvania #nucuuler

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

David and Solom? Or Tom and Jerry?

At my talk tonight, I was comparing the small, but growing, progressive and inclusive Muslim communities vs the "mainstream." I said "It's like Goliath and Solomon." Then I was like, "Wait, it's Solomon, right? Some students responded, "David," and I said, "oh, right!"

Then I looked at the Muslim students sitting together in the audience and said,  "we have David in the Quran, right? We have David, but no Goliath, right? 

Confused and perplexed, I continued, "well, maybe it's like Tom and Jerry, but Jerry always wins." The audience burst out laughing!! :-)

#Dickinson #Carlisle

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Middle Eastern American Communities

Spoke to a "Middle Eastern American Communities" class about The American Tale (feival goes west), camels, 7-11s and slurpies, US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, neo-colonialism, British and French sodomy laws, LGBT prides in Indian cities, Saudi-led Wahabism, Alice in Arabia (new ABC show), Sall Fields, Iran, and god-knows what else. In 50 minutes!! I told the students I tend to go and random tangents and they can read 5+ books on each topic. Bright class; young people with open minds, slowly developing critical minds. Phew! #Dickinson #Carlisle #LifeOfASpeaker #MainTalkTonight

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Somewhere in Pennsylvania...

Somewhere in Pennsylvania. I love when schools give me a gift and a folder with brochures and an itinerary. Makes me feel like I have a "real" job. See you tomorrow Dickinson College! Time to get some zzzs. :-) #speaker #activist #notamotivationalspeaker #ionlytellsadstories #dick #inson

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