Thursday, February 28, 2008

Our Global World

I continue to be fascinated by our "global village."  A Jihad for Love, the first-ever full-feature documentary about LGBT Muslims had its Australian debut in Sydney.  Parvez Sharma and Sandi Dubowski were both there, but guess who else showed up?  My friend Asif from Toronto and Ubaid from London.  I just saw pictures on Asif's facebook page.  I was like WHAT?? What in the world are the two of you doing there?? And why in the world am *I* not there... hehe...

So I'm totally jealous.  Not only where they both there, but they got to hang out with another friend from London - Azeem - who now lives in Sydney.  Crazy world we live in no??  Its sooo cool that these folks all met through the queer Muslim network / grapevine... we've been able to create so many new friendships... I feel lucky and grateful knowing so many wonderful people in different parts of the world.

As internet access and technology grow, so does the ability of more and more queer Muslims and other marginalized communities - to speak out - reach out - and spread the truth about their lives...

Our Global World... Amazing!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bush Swings His Hips to Rare Acclaim in Africa

OMG – He TOTALLY looks like he’s two-stepping!!  To all villages in Texas – do a head count, cause an idiot is on the loose!

Video: Bush swings his hips to rare acclaim in Africa

Christian Fundamentalists Anyone?

It astonishes me that people continue to call Muslims “extremists” and “fundamentalists” when it is CLEAR that extreme ideologies do NOT only exist in Islam.

Introducing – the Westboro Church!

From the Associated Press - February 26, 2008

Westboro Church Pickets Funeral of Slain College Student

More than 3,000 mourners gathered Saturday night to remember a 19-year-old college student believed killed by a serial rapist as a loving, caring woman with many friends and a winning personality.

Brianna Denison's body was found in a Reno field on February 15. Police said she was abducted January 20 and strangled by a man linked to two earlier attacks on the edge of the University of Nevada, Reno.

Her cousin, Spencer Terry, said Denison's spirit would continue to live in the hearts of friends and family.

''Could anybody have asked for a prettier face and a more beautiful soul? I don't think so,'' Terry said.

Friend Danielle DeTomaso said Denison embraced all kinds of people.

''She knew people from all walks of life,'' DeTomaso said. ''She was the glue that held all of us together.''

Denison's aunt, Lauren Denison, reminded the crowd at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center that ''we still have a job to do: bring Brianna's killer to justice.''

The sophomore at Santa Barbara City College in California was visiting her hometown over winter break when she was abducted while she slept on a couch in a friend's home just off the Reno campus.

Outside the memorial service several members of a fundamentalist Kansas church faced off against more than 150 counterdemonstrators.

The standoff, which occurred during a fierce snowstorm, ended peacefully when police escorted the three protesters associated with the Westboro Baptist Church away from the convention center, Sgt. Chris Lange said.

''There were a couple of eggs thrown at them and that's about it,'' Lange said.

Members of the Topeka, Kan., church also picket military funerals out of a belief that the Iraq war is a punishment for the nation's tolerance of homosexuality. Last month the church announced it would protest the service for Denison because it believes God hates Reno.

Church officials said they targeted the city because local law enforcement officers failed to protect church members who picketed a January 26 memorial service there for a soldier who was killed in Iraq.

On Saturday the three protesters waved placards reading ''Pray for More Dead Kids,'' ''Don't Worship the Dead,'' and ''God Sent the Killer.''

Counterdemonstrators said they strongly disapprove of the church's message and tactic of picketing outside memorial services.

''For them to come out and target tragedies like this, I don't think it's right,'' Greg Bailor Jr. said. ''There's enough emotions as it is.'' (AP)

Remembering Larry King

The killing of a 15 year old Larry King has shocked the LGBT community. The story of his death is incredibly sad and only further illustrates the need for education and dialogue on issues of sexuality and gender identity within our school system and within our society as a whole.

A website created by Larry’s family has a forum in which hundreds of people from around the world have written messages of support, sadness and shock.

This poem, written by a student at Larry’s school brought tears to my eyes. I wanted to share it with folks.

Maybe within my our lifetime we can see a future where every child is welcomed and accepted for who they are!

Remember Larry

The seed

God grew a garden and planted a seed
And ever so often had to pull out a weed
He cared for that seed oh so much
He knew every hair on its head and such
For this seed was a child who would love and laugh
But the love of a family he’d get only half
He would be a great child but adopted while young
Growing up with maybe your daughter or son
He’d care for the animals, birds, and bugs
If anyone was sad he’d give them hugs
He’d only use the kindest and softest tone
But god knew a secret that to us was unknown
This seeds life was short and would die when still young
But while still alive this seed would have fun
This seeds name was Larry and he was my good friend
And he stayed like that, all the way till the end
Seven pink petals has grown from this seed
It gave seven organs seven people would need
This horrible thing that gave us all strife
Has given seven people the means for there life

Friday, February 22, 2008

Blogs and more blogs...

wow - sept. 2005 since my last post... i've been trying to figure out what sort of blog i want to create.... part of me wants to start a political blog where i talk about stuff, my analysis, etc... the other part wants it to be more fun and humorous... i did start my queerific world - but when i post something serious on there, it seems out of my place - so i think i'm going to do a combo... my queerific world - queer muslim proud - ... hmm... but what should i call it? all these questions... hmmm.. maybe i should do my homework instead! procrastination... gotta love it!